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Gen 3 Maru Spirit is a Tailed Spirit Mode and this scroll can be found in Shindai Valley Village as a BOSS DROP. Maru Spirit is a Two Tailed Spirit Gen 3 MODE sub-ability. It comes after GEN 1 and 2 tailed spirits . The Rarity for Gen 3 Maru Spirit is 2%.


The spawn location for Gen 3 Maru Spirit scroll is in Shindai Valley Village.This ia a BOSS DROP and players can achieve this scroll after defeating Maru Boss in Shindai Valley village. Use statues as a starting point to find Maru Spirit boss spawn location easily. Watch the video to find the spawn location of Gen 3 Maru Spirit Tailed Spirit Mode scroll.

Gen 3 Maru Spirit spawn location - Shindo Life | Showcase

Information and Unlock Requirements

Level 1000
Ryo 10,000,000
Chi 5,000
Rarity 2%
Location Shindai Valley Village
Type Tailed Spirit Mode
Ninjutsu NA
Flight No